Professional Advisors

Guiding your client through philanthropy

Tees Valley Community Foundation provides a range of bespoke services to enable companies and individuals realise their philanthropic aims and objectives.

These services can be of value to a wide range of individuals and businesses, especially when it comes to long term financial planning.

The key benefits of involvement with our organisation for your clients are as follows:

  • The Community Foundation offers a flexible, quick and simple alternative to setting up a charitable trust
  • A named Fund can be set up in a one hour meeting
  • A personal donor service with bespoke fund management
  • We can award grants in the donors' name, corporate identity or annonymously
  • We can arrange appropriate PR support as required
  • We can target giving to charitable groups by issue or geographic area
  • The donor can enjoy whatever level of direct involvement in the process they require
  • A fund at the Community Foundation is perfect for those who want to keep their giving local
  • We are able to provide a bespoke service to assist and/or manage existing charitable grant making trusts, thus reducing the pressure on overworked trustees.
  • We can help your business clients maximise their Corporate Social Responsibilty objectives through our managed corporate giving activity brokering time, money and expertise into the heart of the local community
  • We deal with all aspects of administration and investment management

We are happy to provide you with material and information for your clients which may be of assistance at certain key points in your work as an advisor for example:

  • Financial planning or investment strategy review
  • Realisation or maturity of an investment
  • Disposing of property or shares
  • Disposing of a business
  • Inheritance tax, estate and will planning
  • Planning for and at time of retirement

Giving through the Community Foundation is enjoyable and rewarding. Your clients can see how their giving makes a difference. For more information email or call 01642 260860 .