An Introduction to Volunteering

Volunteers can do almost anything from hands on activities like helping an elderly neighbour with their garden to providing professional advice on fundraising to a local charity.  Volunteers can choose from hundreds of different opportunities across a wide variety of community activities.

As a volunteer you will be giving your time to help charitable organisations to improve lives in your local area. Volunteering can also be a great way to meet new people, learn new skills, gain useful experience and above all will be enjoyable!

People choose volunteering for many different reasons; only you will know what your reason is. Perhaps one of the following is relevant to you:

  • Learn new skills & gain experience;
  • Meet new people & make new friends;
  • Give something back to the community;
  • Help you find a job;
  • Improve your confidence or motivation;
  • Enhance your life skills;
  • Maintain existing skills and stay active.

There are so many different volunteer roles and types of volunteering that there is something out there to suit anyone who wants to get involved.

Whatever you choose you will make a vital contribution to all aspects of community life.