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Trinity Youth and Children’s Project

Trinity Youth & Children’s Project was set up in 2006 to use creative arts as a powerful tool to give children and young people (aged 0-19) in North Ormesby and the local area a brighter future. Through their specialised work they aim to support them in achieving their physical, mental, social and spiritual potential; so that they may grow to full maturity as individuals and members of society.

The group employs a full time Children’s Project Worker supported by a team of adult volunteers who assist with planning and delivering the activities. They also run a Junior Leader Scheme, whereby young people who have been previous members of the project are encouraged to return become volunteers as positive role models.

The group applied to the Tees Valley Small Grant Fund towards running costs. Without help with these costs the group would struggle to continue and would have to make cuts, which in turn would have an effect on the work they do. The Foundation was pleased to award a grant of £1000 to the group, allowing them to continue their good work.

Many people have benefited from the grant, as the group throughout the summer holidays run family days to encourage the children and their parents to have fun and learn together and also provide workshops and trips that allow the Children to have experiences and visit places they would not normally be able to.

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