John Bloom Law Bursary

John Bloom Law Bursary




John Bloom was a solicitor who spent all his working life in Stockton-on-Tees.


He left school in 1942, at the age of 15. Having determined to become a solicitor, and bearing in mind that in those days one paid a substantial fee for articles, he felt that the additional expense of university was more than his parents could afford. He had already passed his School Certificate (GCSE) with matriculation – that is credits in at least 5 subjects, which for law had to include English and Latin.


Matriculation was all that was needed to become an articled clerk, so at 15 he took up articles with the Stockton firm of Cohen, Jackson and Scott, and enrolled with London University for a correspondence course in law, graduating with an Hons LLB and subsequently, after a short course at The College of Law, passing his Law Society Finals. He stayed with the same firm all his life, through its expansion to Cohen, Jackson, Scott & Simon, and its more recent amalgamation with Jackson, Monk & Rowe to become Jacksons, and was senior partner of the firm in all its partnerships.


His expertise was in conveyancing and commercial law, and as a very young solicitor he carried out one of the very first take-overs. For many years he was a part-time chairman of Industrial Tribunals and Rent Tribunals.


He did, of course, have to do his national service, but happily for him, by the time he was old enough to do so, World War 2 was safely over and most of his army career was served in Northern Ireland, where he said he spent most of the time playing poker and rugby. Fortunately, he lost his interest in poker when he was demobbed, but rugby was a life-long passion with him, and he played for the 1st XV for Durham County and Hartlepool Rovers.


From the first, he always found time to help with voluntary and charitable organisations - Citizens’ Advice, Marriage Guidance (Relate), Cleveland Alzheimer’s Society and the Tees Valley Community Foundation, among many more. He said that Teesside had been good to him and he wished to give back to it where he could.


John was a born lawyer, who loved every minute of his life in the profession, acting not only by the letter of the law, but also in the spirit of it. He was held in the highest regard throughout the north-east both for his acumen and for his integrity as a lawyer and was much loved for the good and decent man he was. Both his children are lawyers: Robin a solicitor, the Group General Counsel to The Gibson O'Neill Co.Ltd, and Tracey a District Judge in London. They and John’s wife, Nan, have established the John Bloom Law Bursary as part of his legacy to the area he loved so well.