Who's Involved

Donors and Funds

Our donors provide:-

  • financial support in the shape of grants and donations 
  • free professional expertise and advice though our brilliant Professional Services Group members
  • skills and time through our Viva Volunteers programme

The Foundation manages funds that have been set up by a wide range of individuals, families, companies and also manages statutory, Government and European funding.  Funds are either Endowment or Revenue (Flowthrough). Our Endowment fund is made up of a collection of individually named funds set up with donations of over £50,000 from individuals and businesses.  Our Revenue funds are made up of funding allocated to us under statutory, Government and European programmes and also include individual and corporate donations given with the instruction to expend the funding into the community immediately.  Both Endowment and Revenue Funds can be for general grantmaking or can support a donor's particular area of interest.  

Our funds support a comprehensive range of local charitable causes, and each fund has had a significant impact in supporting communities within our region. 

It is due to the generosity of all of our donors both past and present, whether they have donated money, time or professional expertise, that we are able to continue our work in the community not only in the forthcoming year but also in perpetuity. 

We would like to say a big "thank you" to all of our donors for their historic and continued support to the Foundation. 

Our Donors & Funds