What We Do

A little bit about the work we do...

At the heart of what we do is giving; the act of giving time, money, effort and support. We believe that in helping people we may be able to improve their quality of life. In fact we were established with that sole intention. 

  • Our Vision - To be a force for positive change in the Tees Valley

  • Our Mission - To be at the heart of local giving and be the first choice for those who want to influence change

  • Our Values - Honesty, passion, impartiality and ambition.

We have a great group of people at the Foundation and that includes staff, trustees, everyone who has donated money, time and professional advice and also the community groups we have helped. Every week we can see the positive effect our giving has had on people and their lives and the environments it changes for the better. 

Our growing range of services can help at all stages of the journey travelled by our community organisations; we can help them plan the route and buy the supplies and we're also there to help them out when the unforeseen happens and ensure that their ultimate goals are acheived.  In simple terms we provide money in the shape of grants, free professional expertise though the Professional Services Group and voluntering activities through Viva Volunteers. 

We are proud to say that the groups we support are interestingly diverse and range from new groups to those well-established, groups that help the young and old and for the dare-devils and the more traditional amongst us.   

All these elements come together to enable us to fulfil our role in our community as true brokers of local philanthropy.